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Root canal therapy

Dependable Root Canal Therapy

Anytime one of your teeth sustains an injury as a result of decay or a fracture, there is a possibility that the tooth will eventually need root canal therapy. When you begin to experience pain, often due to hot and cold food and drinks or pressure, it could likely mean that your tooth has sustained an irreversible pulpitis or a periapical abscess. Irreversible pulpitis is the result of inflamed pulp or nerve tissue within your tooth. That inflamed tissue often leads to the periapical abscess or a painful infection occurring at the apex of the root of your tooth.

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What Do Root Canal Procedures Entail?

Root canal therapy begins with an anesthetic to ensure that you're comfortable throughout the procedure. Our staff will isolate your affected tooth, using a dental dam to prevent possible contamination of the inner portion of your tooth. Then, a high-speed drill is used to enter the surface of your tooth to access the internal pulp area. 

A series of small dental files is then used to take out the damaged, necrotic pulp tissue. Once the damaged pulp has been removed, the canal is thoroughly irrigated using a sterile cleansing agent. The exposed canal is then filled with a material called gutta-percha to occupy the space where the pulp was.

Gutta-percha is a rubber-based filling material, and this soft and temporary material is applied to the biting surface of your tooth. From there, you will be required to return to a dentist for the next step in the process, which is preparing your tooth for a crown.
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