Experienced Extraction Possibilities

Having your teeth pulled doesn't have to be a negative experience. Montague Dental Arts can perform tooth extractions for you with minimal discomfort. When is a dental extraction necessary? Extractions are necessary whenever your tooth has decayed to a point with no hope for saving it.

Dental extraction can also be used to treat other common dental conditions, including advanced gum disease, dental emergencies, or dental abscesses. Patients who have suffered broken, cracked, or severely decayed and damaged teeth would not be good candidates for a root canal. As a result, they would benefit from our simple and straightforward extraction procedures.

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Thorough Exams In Each And Every Instance

Regardless of the specific reason for considering an extraction, you can always expect a thorough examination from our team. We'll take X-rays of your teeth for review before we determine the best course of action. If you are feeling apprehensive, our staff is also dedicated to answering any of your questions before the extraction.

Please also be prepared to discuss your medical history, any past extractions or problems with excessive bleeding, and any medications that you currently take. In more difficult situations where the remainder of your tooth cannot be seen above the gumline, we may also refer you to an oral surgeon for treatment.
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