Convenient Dental Implant Options

At Montague Dental Arts, we don't install implants, but we do restore them. We've included some helpful information below to provide you with more information about them, because we can refer you to another team, if an implant is the ideal solution for your issue. 

If you need help with implant restoration or any other dental needs, please contact our office today for your appointment!

Why Implants Are Necessary In Some Cases

In some instances, your tooth may not be able to be restored. In these situations, a permanent replacement tooth is necessary. If your damaged tooth is still present, a dental team can remove it completely and place the new dental implant. An abutment and crown will then fit right over the implant that looks and acts just like your natural tooth once did.

The process begins by thoroughly examining your teeth and gums to evaluate your bone density and other factors. This could involve X-rays or computer tomography scans (CT scans) to verify that there is a sufficient bone structure to place the necessary implant, and to determine exactly where the implant should be placed.
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